Don’t be attached to the outcome.

birchtreeShow up.  Pay attention.  Tell the truth.

Don’t be attached to the outcome.

Now, this is a tough one!  “Don’t be attached to the outcome.”  In other words, do your part and let it go.  In other words, do your part and trust.  In other words, do your part and watch what happens.  In other words,  do your part.

This matter of “letting go” is so often misunderstood.  We do what we can.  Sometimes what we choose to do will have noticeable results, and sometimes what we choose to do won’t make a significant ripple.  What we “let go” of is our ego-involvement.  “Let go” of controlling the outcome.  Let go of your ego-attachment to what happens.

And if what you are choosing to do on behalf of the community doesn’t seem to be working, then let go and choose another action.

If we’ve each done our work, the work of showing up, paying attention, and telling the truth, the possibility is that our work will succeed, although maybe not in the way we’ve imagined.  So often when we have ego-attachment to our actions and choices, we look for particular results.  We think we’re in control, so if things go as planned, they’ll go the way we expect them to go.  In that case, we also think we know what is the best way for things to work out.

Trust is the key word here.  Trust as a tree trusts the earth it stands on.  Trust as if your life depends on trust.  Trust as if you understand that all the control in the world, all the care-ful-ness in the world, cannot assure the results you want.  Trust that there is Something or Someone or Some-Other out there that is in charge of the results.

This is the hardest work in the world.  Our communities need people who have grown up, who have done their real work – which is the work to become adult.

Trust as a tree trusts the earth it stands on.  “Don’t be attached to the outcome.”


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I facilitate your conscious evolution to your deepest self-expression. I am a guide to discovering and living from your most empowered self. I work with individuals, groups, and in retreat settings.
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