“Community is a place where I can put my elbow on a friend’s shoulder…” – teenager

Where is the place where you can put your elbow on someone’s shoulder?

We are each an important ingredient in the communities of which we are a part.  If we want the communities to be different, then we have to change.  While this might seem self-evident, it is true that too many of us desire change and expect someone other than ourselves to change!

Is your shoulder available for someone’s elbow-resting-place?

What are you bringing to your community today?  Have you taken the time to look at your community?  What do you see there?  What would you like to see in your community?

What are you doing to make what you would like to see happen?  For example, in my community, concerned citizens are protesting the imminent move of a large liquor store onto the lively avenue that is the hub of this area.   I have been stopped numerous times by folks asking me to sign a petition to oppose the store opening on that street.  The petition-holders aren’t sitting at home, grumbling about the changes they don’t want to see.  They’re taking time from already-busy schedules to be present in the community.  They’re taking action to invite others to take a stand to make sure this community continues to be a safe and friendly place.  And their presence alone is more than a reminder – it’s a witness to their concern for this place.

What are you doing to make what you would like to see happen in your community?

What would you like to see happen… what would you like to see change??  And what are you doing – today – to be part of the change you’d like to see?

We need you to offer your shoulder to the rest of us!


About thewisdomyears

I facilitate your conscious evolution to your deepest self-expression. I am a guide to discovering and living from your most empowered self. I work with individuals, groups, and in retreat settings.
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2 Responses to “Community is a place where I can put my elbow on a friend’s shoulder…” – teenager

  1. David Kundtz says:

    I’ve enjpoyed browsing your blog. Good work. Whenever I think of community, the words of an esteemed college professor always come back to me. Here they are:

    “Don’t set out to form a community. Set out with others to do a job. The community will happen. You plan together, you work at the task, and one day you wake up to the fact that you are experiencing the delights and benefits of community as you never have before. It happened to you while you were about the business of doing something else. That’s how the Spirit works in these things.”

    — Fr. Eugene A. Walsh, S.S. (1911-1989)

  2. Terry Wade says:

    I was kind of lookimg forwatd to having a BevMo on Pirdmont Ave. I buy a couple of cases of good wine a month, and I have to go down to Emeryville to buy them.

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